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Citizen Squid is a medium scale interactive big puppet spectacle about compassion, displacement and transition for young people and family audiences.

A gigantic squid has crawled into the high street – but how did it get there – and what will we do with it?

Citizen Squid is a fun, highly visual, innovative and beguiling performance where audiences are enthralled, captivated and totally engaged.

Company / Artist name
Puppets with Guts
Stunning spectacle

I don’t often write reviews but I so wanted to tell this awesome group what total joy and wonder they brought to me, my brother and my 10 yr old – mystical, enchanting, clever…. And puppeteers making the movements of a 40 foot squid look easy, sensitive, light as a feather – as extraordinary as seeing those massive horses in war horse come to life. Won’t spoil it by giving any more away!

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June 25, 2016 12:00 am
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You brightened up Ramsgate!
  • Suzy Humphries reviewed 2 years ago
  • last edited 2 years ago

Citizen Squid came to East Kent for the day, to the Ramsgate Festival. We make sure each year that there’s something new in the programme, something we’ve not done yet, and a ‘big puppet’ piece was one of this year’s new things. You know how it is, if you can’t actually see something before booking, you look at the film, read the reviews, see who’s involved, try to work out quite how it’s going to look, to fit in with all the other programming. Since we’re a tiny organisation without any core budget, every penny has to count for big value. And Citizen Squid gave us way more ‘bang for our buck’ that we had hoped for.

The puppeteers were brilliant and inventive, working magic with such large (and beautifully made) pieces. The unveiling of the squid’s head was great, such clever puppet-ing (?!), and the audience interaction with it was really lovely to have.

So, we loved it all and give Citizen Squid and Puppets With Guts a huge round of applause!

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July 28, 2016 12:00 am
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Citizen_Squid_GDIF_Kamal_Prashar_ small.jpg 2 years ago
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